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Can I replace vanilla extract in my boxed brownie recipe with another flavor?

I want to do something different than just brownies out of the box, so I thought I'd replace the vanilla with mint or coconut extract. I also considered throwing fresh cherries or strawberries in - will this mess up the cooking process?Can I replace vanilla extract in my boxed brownie recipe with another flavor?
You can replace the vanilla. I'm not sure about fresh berries; they might get soggy, or make your end product water-logged.Can I replace vanilla extract in my boxed brownie recipe with another flavor?
As long as you use them in the form of a dry product that would be okay. However, if you put fruit in you might have to adjust the recipe.
Replacing the vanilla with another extract would work fine in any recipe. But I'd suggest using dried cherries or strawberries instead of fresh ones.
Mint would be perfert with the chocolate.
Nope, shouldnt do. Sounds like a great idea too. Yummy! send me some please.......
This is a winner!

Try a bit of Grand Marnier or Cointreau for an orangy-chocolate brownie!

The mint sound fantastic, and I'd be willing to bet that a raspberry or cherry flavoring would be killer!

Just remember that vanilla extract is extremely potent... vanilla-y, if you will, so add enough of your other flavor to take its place, and deduct some of the liquid from the recipe to compensate!

What a great idea!

Best wishes!
try almond extract. I do it in cookies all the time it is great. As far as cheeries and such it will change the cooking time but you can watch for that anyway. Have fun
Yeah and it will give a whole new flavor, if you add fruit or other moist or liquids to add flavor you may have to cut back on other liquids. Go for it!
Extract- yes

Fresh berries- not recommended. You can try dried berries though, they will not mess up the moisture amounts in the batter. If you absolutely want to use fresh berries you will end up having to use less liquid elsewhere in your recipe. Good luck.
I don't think so. If you are making this for guests what I would suggest you do is experiment some of the mixture in a smaller baking pan. This way if you like it next time you can be completely experimental.
I used vanilla rum once instead of vanilla extract- the cookies were waayyyyy yummy. For boxed brownies you shouldnt have to add any kind of extract, but if add flavors to boxed products with caution, the results can be *ugh* unstable at best sometimes.
try almond extract
As for the extracts...Go for it! I frequently use rum or almond...a nice twist on allot of foods. For baking, it's all about the same.

Now, as for fruits...fresh fruit has it's own acid and can react badly with it's acidity and juiciness. BUT you can add dried cherries to brownie mix ...and it would be heavenly. (kind of like Black Forest Cake!)

As for the mint...wait till you take the brownies out of the oven and immediately place Andes Mints on top and spread them around as they melt. It's sinfully good!
yes, the mint sounds delicious. but don't do the fresh berries because they will not survive the intense heat of the baking process. Maybe you can put some on after they have finished baking and have cooled down.

sounds delicious!
Yep...almond is really good too! No, it won't mess up the final result...I do it all the time! Have fun!
You can use ginger extract, or ginseng extract for an interestin tasty brownie. But bot are hard to come by in regular storEs so go to a Whole Foods or a Farmers Market.
I'd try it. Cherries - yum! Sounds really good.
You could try!! Who knows, maybe you'll invent some sort of amazing brownie!! Just stick a toothpick in the middle before you take them out to make sure they're cooked all the way! Have fun!
if you put fruit in be sure not to put too much in... and an almond extract would be really good!
Sure experiment. You can replace vanilla extract with any number of flavors--almond, mint, etc. You might come up with some really great brownies. Just watch the proportions so you don't get a gloppy mess. You can replace oil with applesauce or yogurt. You don't have to be exact but try to replace liquid measures in equal portions. Have some fun it costs very little and you might find yourself being creative with other cakes and cookies to the pleasure of your friends and family!!! Go for it and have fun.
I don't see where changing the extract will hurt anything but I am not sure I would add any fresh fruit. I only say that because I am not sure how well it will work, but hey...give it a try and let us know.
I would add both the vanilla and mint- vanilla intensifies the flavor of chocolate and mint is very good with it also. If you add mint I would throw in a handful of mint chocolate chips. If you want fruit I might use dried fruit (cherries) I am afraid the liquid in fresh fruits might mess up the recipe although fresh cherries are pretty solid so they might be good quartered with the pits out. Hope this helps.
Sure can, just consider the volume and moisture of anything you add and adjust the wet/dry ingredients accordingly. I wouldn't do mint but coconut, bananna, wallnut, hazelnut extracts would be probably be good. Cherries or Strawberries sound tasty as well.
Yes but it might be a little weird tasting.
I would try mint. Or get mint chips. or peanut butter chips.
try a nutmeg or something i bet it'd be good, and no it wont mess it up.
Should have no major impact on how the brownies bake,other than maybe requiring a little extra time if you add a lot of fruit. You may want to leave the vanilla in the recipe but at a reduced level as it is a nice complimentary flavor to the ones you listed. You may see some change in how long the baked brownies last with the cherries and strawberries as the moisture will migrate out of the fruit into the baked brownie.
no trust me it won't work.

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