Thursday, January 7, 2010

How can I make a brownie recipe less rich?

I'm baking some for a Christmas party this week and have a really yum recipe, but it's very rich and gets sickly sweet if you eat more than a small square. Is there some way to tweak the recipe a bit without ruining it?

Thanks : )How can I make a brownie recipe less rich?
use less butter/oil, and less sugar. replace some of the oil with applesauce. or use applesauce/soy yogurt (1/4 cup per egg) instead of eggs.How can I make a brownie recipe less rich?
Hi, try using less eggs and skimmed milk for extra moisture if needed - you could add some fruit %26amp; nuts to break them up a bit as well. Also whisk the egg whites separately and fold in after you have added the yolks - this will add air to the mixture%26amp; keep them light. Enjoy!
use unsweened chocolate.

go to this website.

if not

and your questtion(:
add a substitute for oil like apple sauce and it will make it less rich :)goodluck and happy holidays

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