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Can i use real chocolate instead of cocoa powder in a brownie recipe?

I am making brownies, but all of the recipes call for cocoa powder and i only have chocolate. Can i substitute chocolate and something else instead of cocoa powder?Can i use real chocolate instead of cocoa powder in a brownie recipe?
will it work yes, will it be the same as a recipe not using that, no

there are endless ways to make browniesCan i use real chocolate instead of cocoa powder in a brownie recipe?
What do you mean by ';real chocolate?'; If you melt unsweetened, baking chocolate, if you wish you can reduce the fat (butter or shortening) a tablespoon or so in the recipe. If you are using sweetened baking or candy bar chocolate, reduce the amount of sugar slightly. Cocoa is unsweetened chocolate without any fat added to it.
Yes you could. The only problem is it might not have the same consistency, and regular chocolate is often sweeter then cocoa powder. You could try putting in a little less sugar in the brownies to make up for the difference. Try google-ing how much chocolate is equivelent to how much cocoa powder that the recipe called for.
Sure ..... you can use melted chocolate squares (3 TB of cocoa powder plus 1 TB oil ... want is a recipe for ';blondies';.... this is a brownie made with flour instead of cocoa ... yes just use real chocolate.

You need something to use in place of the cocoa powder like baking chocolate squares or chocolate chips that you can melt otherwise you wont have brownies, you will have blondies.
No, you will need it as well as:鈥?/a>

ALTHOUGH, you could just put plain flour instead the cocoa powder and just add more melted chocolate and see how that turns out!!!
Yes! I've used this recipe numerous times with great results. It calls for chocolate instead of cocoa.鈥?/a>

Also 1 cup chocolate chips=8 oz chocolate in that recipe.
Look at subs in your cookbook or on line. I would go to the store or borrow from a neighbor for the cocoa you need or make something that you have the proper ingredients for.
trust me it doesnt work. i LOVE baking but i use substitues 2 much and i wind up throwing it away so take a trip to the store,or see if a neighbor has it :) hope i helped
depends...Cocoa Powder includes sugar which gives it a sweeter taste...

When real Chocolate:

is bitter...

it all depends on what you mean by

real chocolate.
i think you could try

but no

I am almost certain you can not!

It doesnt have the same consistency!

maybe you could use a powder chocolate
yes. it tastes better with real chocolate in my opinion
Go for it, just make sure its well incorporated
if its not baking choc. you need to omit some of the sugar in the recipe or it will be too sweet.
Yes :)

That sounds delicious

yes, but use dark, more coco % the better!
of course
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