Sunday, December 20, 2009

What are some brownie recipes that i can tweak (READ DESCRIPTION!)?

when you make the brownie mix from the box, what are some recipe thingys that i can add to make it into something other than just brownie mix. like i did smore brownies once, put marshmallows and chocolate chips in the mix then some crumbled gram crackers, things like that. HELP!What are some brownie recipes that i can tweak (READ DESCRIPTION!)?
~~Butterscotch chips

~~White chocolate chips

~~Crushed candy canes

~~Candy bar pieces (whatever you like)

~~Add a couple tbsp. peanut butter to the batter

~~A few tsp. ground cinnamon

~~Chopped caramel piecesWhat are some brownie recipes that i can tweak (READ DESCRIPTION!)?
hmm... try sprinkles on top. you could make chai brownies with cardamon, a dash of black pepper, cinnamon - all the good chai stuff. you could do mint too. bake the brownies and for on top make a melt white chocolate with bits of peppermint candy and pour it on top, let set. yum-o! you could do espresso brownies with 2 tbsp of extremely strong coffee. get creative! :D
Add some almond flavoring and chopped almonds and chopped drained maraschino cherries or orange peel and orange juice in place of some of the water. Orange and chocolate are great together. Then make a frosting with a little orange juice, chocolate and orange peel.
I once did toffee bits and marshmallows, and they were really delicious. You can also add m%26amp;ms and oreos.;%20Cookies/Desserts%20Bars%20%26amp;%20Cookies%20Recipes/Oreo%20Chunk%20Brownies.htm#top%20of%20page
one year i added peanuts and coconut to the brownies and baked them and when they were done i shaved white chocolate on each brownie so they looked really high class and everyone loved them!
If you want a lower fat tweakage that still packs a lot of flavor: use egg whites instead of whole eggs and natural/unsweetened applesauce or baby food carrots in place of the oil.
You can make or buy ice cream (vanilla) and make a browine earth quake, like thay have a dairy queen. Oh and some FUDGE!
How about adding some peanut butter warmed up and swirled around or doing the same with carmel. Now I am getting hungry for some. Sounds Yummy!
walnuts mixed in, and crushed peppermints mixed in or just on top.
Mix cream cheese and sugar and then swirl through.
one time i made peppermint patti brownies , they were so good if you like peppermint.
melt white choc. and swirl it in :)

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